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Protect Your New Home from Radon

Build Safety into Your Home’s Foundation

Integrating a radon mitigation system during construction is cost-effective, efficient, and unobtrusive. Ensure your new home in Genoa City, WI, is safe and radon-free from the start.

Reliable New Construction Radon Mitigation for Genoa City, WI

Building a new home presents a unique opportunity to implement safety measures from the ground up. Radon, a dangerous carcinogenic gas, can seep into homes through the ground. Fortunately, integrating a passive radon mitigation system during the construction phase is not only more economical but also more efficient compared to retrofitting an older home. These systems are designed to be less visible, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your new home while providing essential protection from radon gas.

a radon mitigation system in the attic

Why Choose Passive Radon Mitigation Systems?

Passive radon mitigation systems are built into the foundation of your new home, making them more effective at preventing radon entry. They are less noticeable than systems installed post-construction and offer a seamless look that won’t disrupt your home’s design. By choosing to install these systems during construction, you not only enhance the safety of your environment but also increase the value of your property.

Get a Comprehensive Radon Protection

At Safe Haven Radon Solutions, LLC, we specialize in radon system installation, ensuring that every aspect of radon gas protection is covered. Our team uses the latest radon reduction systems and prevention methods to secure your home against radon. With new construction radon mitigation, you’re investing in a safer, healthier future without the hassle of later modifications.

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