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Harness Safety With Radon Mitigation!

At Safe Haven Radon Solutions, LLC, we believe in giving homeowners peace of mind. With our radon mitigation system installation, secure a safe environment for your loved ones. We guarantee our services will keep radon below EPA guidelines.

Reliable Radon Mitigation System Installers in Genoa City, WI, and Serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois

Radon is a silent threat. It’s invisible, odorless, and can significantly harm your health. But worry no more! As radon mitigation system installers in Genoa City, WI, and serving southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois, we are equipped with the expertise to customize mitigation systems that suit your home. From the suction point, under-slab entry, to the pipe that leads to the outside, we ensure every detail is taken care of. The system is sealed properly and if needed, crawlspace encapsulation is performed. Trust us to keep your home safe from this hazard.

a radon mitigation system in the attic

Maximize Protection With Proper Installation

Proper installation of a radon mitigation system is crucial to its effectiveness. If the system is not properly installed, it will not be able to draw the radon gas from the home’s soil, and the radon levels will remain high. Additionally, if the system is not sealed properly, it can allow radon gas to escape back into the home. Luckily, our professionals have a solution for you!

We focus on:

  • Precision in placing the suction point
  • Proper sealing ensures the system works optimally
  • Appropriate pipe placement for efficient radon exhaust
  • If needed, crawlspace encapsulation With our service, you get a system designed for efficiency and longevity.

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At Safe Haven Radon Solutions, LLC, our radon mitigation system installers believe every home in Genoa City, WI, southeastern Wisconsin, and northeastern Illinois, should be radon-free. We ensure that our mitigation systems are not just installed but carefully crafted to suit the individual home. Our experience in the construction industry gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to work effectively and ensure your home is safe from radon.

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